Never too old to Frenchic

Furniture upcycling is accessible to all. It has no age restriction as our lovely customer Annie, aged 96 demonstrates.

Our local Liverpool lass wanted to brighten up her kitchen and along with help from her daughter Sharon, they soon gave this kitchen a makeover that Annie deserved.

The walls along with its wood panelling were transformed using our award winning Wall Paint in the colour Breezing. The kitchen cupboards were washed down with sugar soap and lightly sanded before applying our taupe Cool Beans in the Al Fresco range. Frenchic Al Fresco is waterproof and suitable for outdoor painting, so it is the ideal choice for kitchen makeovers.

You can see Annie’s revamped kitchen over on Instagram or Facebook

Sharon and Annie have done a fantastic makeover. I cant wait to see what there next Frenchic project will be

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